World Economic Forum, Davos summit

In January 2018, as usual the world leaders, the politicians and many VIP figures were supposed to be on time for the yearly meeting of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland as usual, however, the heftiest snowfall ever in the latest 20 years disturbed the traffic and the roads became filled with snow which postponed the arrival of the guests. A lot of time and energy wasted to reach the convention center where the summit took place. Such disorder must be avoided in the following year, so we recommend everyone to start their reservation now, with Swiss Concierge Services because our great company has got all the tools and the solution for you in terms of ground and air transportation as well as other services.
Even if we are going to face the same hardships during the WEF, our company has already prepared the plan B for you, as we offer luxurious helicopters and private jet rentals in order to transport the VIP to the convention center in full comfort, safety and without delay. We have professional pilots at your service, who possess a remarkable peace of mind in any difficult situation. So you don’t have to worry because we will make sure to get you to your destination on time.
We are present every year during Davos meeting and we always give a helping hand to the guests, whether in transportation, hotel accommodation or even security services, our main concern is that the WEF goes well and the participants are happy and satisfied. For those who would like to escape from the stress and fatigue of the big event, there are multiple means of entertainment and relaxation, try the alpine ski, the spa and mountainous resorts and many other surprises and wonders to discover, our company will provide with everything that you need.

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