The best restaurants in Davos

Davos is a marvelous ski town in Switzerland, and the host of the World Economic Forum
which means: fine dining and delicious cooking are very popular there. The chefs here are
catering to a high class of clients including the VIP guests of the WEF and also for the skiers
who spend their time exploring the Alps; in this region you can find the tastiest meals and a
diverse culinary art, as there are many restaurants in this small but stunning town. Let’s take a
brief look at the best restaurants in there.
Kaffee Klatsch, located in the center of the city, a 2 in 1 café and restaurant, in which you
will enjoy American meals, it has an amazing interior décor and a magnificent design, so
comfortable and features excellent services. The Bolgen Plaza, located near the Jakobshorn,
it is suitable for skiers, it offers various traditional Swiss meals and it has a spacious terrace
overlooking the majestic mountains and the spectacular landscapes. Gourmet Stubli, located
in the promenade street, this opulent restaurant is the prime destination of the upper class of
the region and it is known for its fine dining, unique services and professional chefs.
Stuvetta, a wonderful wooden restaurant resembling a mountain chalet, you will certainly
savor its menu made up from Swiss and French meals, there is no chance that you will miss
tasting the toothsome cheese fondue. The ambience there is so friendly!
These are just a part of the whole of multiple restaurants in Davos, the city is a real tourist
magnet either for the World Economic Forum, or for the special winter holidays, that’s why
there is a wide choice of gastronomy in this town. Thus, whenever, you visit Davos and you
are looking for a suitable place to eat, contact our company, Swiss Concierge Services and we
will ensure your transportation throughout the region and drive you to the greatest restaurants
and hotels, we even carry out the booking procedure for you. Enjoy your journey with us!

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