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Switzerland is the birth place for winter sports. The ski has become today a real discipline. Ski holidays in Switzerland are equivalent to the pleasures of skiing on perfectly prepared slopes of all levels. Whether you opt for the wide area of the Four Valleys in the Valais or for the Davos resort in the Bernese Oberland, you will enjoy the joys of skiing everywhere. Skiing in Switzerland is a true moment of pleasure that blends the rejoicing of the mountains with the discovery of places with unsuspected fascination.
Many people come yearly to Switzerland for the ski holidays, because you will not find anywhere else the same ski resorts of this snowy region, the snow-capped peaks of Switzerland host marvelous ski resorts with countless crests, stunning descents and amazing glaciers. A unique adventure of Alpine skiing is waiting for everyone. Enjoy the extraordinary ski experience in the Valais, the southern canton of the country which is home to the vast ski area of the Four Valleys. More than 80 gondola lifts, cable cars, chairlifts and ski lifts which allow you to reach an altitude of more than 3300 meters in this immense domain, it is suitable for both ski beginners and experts.
Snowboarders and skiers can also enjoy their stay on the snow in Switzerland. The Bernese Oberland, in the canton of Graubünden, is home to one of Switzerland’s most famous ski resorts: Davos, peaking at 1560 meters, this city is the highest of the Alps and also the host of the World Economic Forum. With 320 kilometers of slopes, there is room for everyone. The slopes are filled with friendly mountainous restaurants serving a wide range of local and traditional meals. Let alone, the multiple luxury hotels near the ski areas which are ready to accommodate everyone.
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