Shopping in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its high standard of living and its multiple shops all along the
streets of Swiss cities. Geneva in particular is home to many luxury brands, especially on the
Rue du Rhône. You will find all the major brands of fashion, jewelry and watchmaking. In
Lausanne, go downtown, around Place Palud and the Flon district for your perfect shopping
sprees. In Zurich, prestige brands focus on Bahnhofstrasse. If you want to discover the
boutiques of young designers of fashion and design, head for the trendy district of Zurich
West. Whenever you are in Switzerland for shopping, you should know that you will find a
wide range of stores for all tastes and needs.
The Outlet Aubonne is the largest brand center in French-speaking Switzerland. Situated 15
minutes from Lausanne and 30 minutes from Geneva, it includes fifty shops offering their
collections at reduced prices. There is a large selection of clothing, footwear, sports
equipment, fashion accessories and household items. Last year’s collections of 100
international brands at affordable prices, this is the Outlet Fashion Fish, located between
Basel, Zurich and Bern. The center occupies the former premises of the Bally factory, which
has preserved its architecture and ambiance. It is a nice place to go shopping!
In addition, there is something special about Switzerland that you can’t miss, visit the most
famous chocolate artisans and do not hesitate to visit Teuscher on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich
for its truffle specialties. In Lausanne, cocoa delights can be found at Blondel, rue de Bourg 5,
and in Geneva, the chocolate shop Auer, rue de Rive 4, is a must. The Cailler house is one of
the oldest chocolate factories in Switzerland, its mother shop is in Broc, between Montreux
and Friborg. Switzerland is considered as the largest chocolate factory in the whole world.​
You would like to go shopping in Switzerland, but you don’t know the perfect destinations,
contact our reputable company Swiss Concierge Services and we will transport you
throughout the cities and we will take you to the best stores in the region.

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