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The chauffeurs of Swiss Concierge Services are exceptional; they are very qualified, licensed and certified. They are professional and know exactly what they are doing, hiring our drivers means that you are not going to worry about your security and the confidentiality of both your personal and professional data.

With a minimum of 3 years of experience, our chauffeurs are carefully chosen; they possess excellent driving skills, great reflex and caution, when riding with them you will reach your destination safely, comfortably and on time. They are familiar with all the roads and directions, traffic jam and road restrictions have never been a problem for them.

Our chauffeurs have clean and empty criminal records, they are customer friendly and they will show full respect for you so you are certainly in safe hands. With outstanding mechanical skills they daily maintain the state of the vehicles and clean up all the limousines so that you enjoy full comfort.

Our highly qualified chauffeurs are also your faithful protectors, with great self defense abilities they can guarantee your safety, if you need to transport your kids from or to the school, you can rely on our drivers to ensure their safety and they will treat them as their own kids. Worrying about your personal and professional data, our trustworthy chauffeurs will fully respect your privacy and guarantee full confidentiality of all your information.

Our chauffeurs have good manners, show discretion and vigilance in the road so you will enjoy the perfect transportation with them, within an ethical and friendly atmosphere.

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