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Swiss Concierge Services provides you with the perfect education services in the best international education universities in the whole world, those that offer excellent tutorial system, we are your perfect assistant in the field of education as we ensure that you appreciate personalized academic packages, we guarantee tailor made language courses for every student in the world and any corporate and institutional clients, employees and even young footballers who are in need of education services to upgrade and ameliorate their knowledge and their intellectual capacities.

We have established strong partnerships with the best universities and education companies throughout the globe, the students who enroll with us are very happy and satisfied with the experience because it is unique and different; we guarantee that you get the perfect education courses from highly experienced instructors who prepare custom made courses for each student according to his needs, we strive to ensure education for all, we even help you get an online education through video chat and instant messaging if you are busy.

Swiss Concierge Services makes sure that you get the most effective education in the friendliest atmosphere, whether you are in need of innovative language solution and lessons, especially the English language such as; TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE etc. we have everything that you are looking for, from test preparation, language instruction to other services, we are your perfect choice!

We are very pleased to carry out the registration for you, if you need more information or clarifications you can contact us, our committed customer service team is ready around the clock to answer all your questions and to promptly process all your requests, we operate in Switzerland and all over the world and we offer education services dedicated to the Arab Gulf Countries and Latin America.


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Swiss Concierge Services puts at your disposal our professional customer service team which is always ready around the clock to provide you with necessary information, whenever you have questions or you need instructions feel free to contact us.

We always strive to facilitate and simplify the registration procedure for all the students around the world, so in order to enroll in our renowned universities, all you have to do is to contact us and we will gladly carry out the registration for you.

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