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Personalized concierge services

Experience the pleasure of luxury living in our private apartments. Our goal is to offer our clients an unrivalled & unique serviced and non-serviced accommodation. We have numerous luxurious apartments for rent available with huge rates in Switzerland and Europe.

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Whenever you are traveling or want to embark on a journey, a wonderful, comfy and luxurious ассоmmоdаtiоn is оnе of the most prominent thingѕ that уоu look forward to in order to experience an unforgettable journey. In Swiss Concierge Services we make sure to provide you with what you are exactly looking for.

At Swiss Concierge, we offer our clients quality and professional accommodation services so that they enjoy every single moment of their journey. Whether you wish to ѕреnd a holiday with your family or carry out a business trip with your partners, Swiss Concierge offers a wide range of accommodation that would definitely suit your needs.

Benefits of our serviced apartments

Sрас Accommodation – Our sеrviсеd араrtmеntѕ аrе very ѕрасiоuѕ and big еnоugh to accommodate the number of persons accompanying you on the trip.

Safety – With our serviced араrtmеntѕ you can rest assured during your stay thanks to our security ѕуѕtеm which guarantees еvеrуоnе’ѕ ѕаfеtу. Our partners deploy sесuritу guards within the area to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for you.

Complete Amеnitiеѕ – Our aраrtmеntѕ are highly furnished with necessary аррliаnсеѕ, kitchen kits and necessary equipment in order tо make you fееl аt hоmе. We provide our clients with highly equipped bedroom apartments, up to 50 sq meters for about 1 to 4 persons, furnished studios, about 30 sq meters for 1 to 2 persons; all our bedroom apartments in Swiss Concierge are almost equal to those of a 3-star hotel.

Suitаblе Location – We provide our clients with a perfect spot for them to relax, our apartments are made convenient. We offer accommodations that are mostly located in the center of the сitу giving easy access for our customers to other destinations within the area.

At Swiss Concierge, we always make sure that we provide our clients with nothing but the best, we ensure our clients safety, comfort and guarantee a wonderful experience for them.Opting for Swiss Concierge accommodation iѕ indeed a perfect choice to make.

Your needs in lodging in Switzerland and in the world

Having trouble finding the suitable hotel accommodation for your needs? Well this is no longer a problem, if you would like to have a wonderful and unforgettable experience; Swiss concierge will help you find what you are looking for.

We also have partnership with many well known hotels; so you’ll not have to worry about the process of finding a suitable hotel, we also take care of the booking procedure from A to Z just choose where do you want to stay and we’ll handle everything. From checking availability to choosing the perfect suite for you, and we even ensure your transportation from the airport to your exquisite accommodation.

Carrying your luggage alone from or to the travel terminal is quite stressful and it wastes a lot of your precious time, however, this is no longer a problem because Swiss concierge baggage handling company will take care of all your luggage, transport your belongings to and from your cruise, vehicle, ship, aircraft, railways and ports…

Our company provides full assistance so that your holiday or your business trip will be wonderful and stress-free.

Door to door luggage carrying service

Swiss Concierge Company offers a dedicated door to door luggage carrying service.

In order to avoid taking your cases to the airport with you whenever you go on a holiday, we can just collect them, according to your address, from your house, office or pretty much from anywhere, then we deliver them to your destination hotel, overseas home and wherever you want.

You can rest assured that your baggage is in safe hands, everything will be secured with tags including your name on it then it will be sent to our storage until the day of your departure. With this service you will save both your time and energy and enjoy your trip without neither stress nor hardships.

World cruise luggage

We can also carry your luggage in a customary way, from your home address and convey it by ship on the fixed date using shipping lines. The process of collecting your belongings will be carried out right after being freed and cleared by the customs in a fixed date by the shipping threshold.

Airport baggage service

Swiss concierge enterprise provides airport baggage handling service for tourists and travelers, our service is very exceptional. Our airport conveyors will take good care of your luggage and guide you in a customer-friendly atmosphere.

Local and international baggage transfer

To carry out a good planning of the baggage handlers whose transfer is made between the domestic flights or between the international and national flights, our personnel will be in charge of you to indicate the time to which your luggage will be transferred, to remind you to obtain your next card boarding before the check-in counter closes and take into account that it’s your own responsibility to make your connecting flight on time.

Efficient baggage handling plays a significant role in keeping our clients happy. From the inspection point to the aircraft, ship, train or vehicle to the baggage area, our transportation strategy is well planned and our agents are ready to support you anytime.

Explore show tickets from around the world

We book all your tickets for opera, cinema, theatre, concerts and other events, we also collect and deliver them promptly to your doorstep.
Opera, theatre, Cinema, concert and other events tickets
Discover the world’s best entertainment tickets service company, we reserve, book, collect and deliver all your tickets for opera, theatre, cinema, concert and other events. Everything is delivered to your doorstep. Swiss Concierge Company has a professional team of committed specialists who are so passionate about helping event planners to professionally and efficiently carry out their events.
We make sure to provide specified and accessible ticketing service to event organizers. In case you don’t fully understand our services or you need clarifications about the service we offer, our customer service team is always ready to give you instructions and guidance through email or phone.
Many of our viewers remarked our professional and personal approach. With Swiss concierge services be assured that ticketing for an event, either before or during its process, would be carried out smoothly and without delay.

Swiss concierge ticket services company:

Even if all you want is a printed guest list or you fancy automating ticket authentication with barcode scanners, we provide a variety of registration and spectators administrative methods in order to facilitate your experience.

Buy your ticket whenever and in whatever way you like

Whether it is online, with phone or e-mail, with Swiss Concierge Service company you can easily order or reserve tickets for events and performances.
Reserving tickets by phone is available virtually and around the clock, tickets will be sent to your mailbox based on your choice.
For a smooth booking experience you may pick up your tickets at points of sale and it can be delivered to your home address.

VIP tickets

If you would like to enjoy comfortable, luxurious and special ticketing experience, we have a VIP package suitable for you. You will realize the value of your money with such a privileged opportunity, by purchasing Swiss Concierge Service company VIP ticket you will be granted a full access to the most exciting, exclusive and rewarding experience in the whole world.

Theatre tickets

When it comes to theatre tickets for shows, plays, comedy and any musical event, we provide a wide range of offers to fit your desire. Go through our various theatre packages in order to buy tickets to a number of prevalent shows, or you can search for specific shows of your choice. At Swiss Concierge Service Company we offer an unrivaled ticketing and delivery services covering all the major tickets for opera, theatre, cinema, concert and other events.
Contact us to reserve your ticket and enjoy all forms of entertainment that you will never forget.

A host of first-class sports throughout the year

We offer sporting events services for sports planners. Our staff is ready to provide you with answers to any question and make sure that your next sports event is the most successful one ever. To discuss with someone about the details and specifications of your particular event, kindly contact us to enjoy our services which include tracking main events, sports booking and pick up.

Tracking main events

Our staff will make sure to provide you with the main events at any sport discipline, we are always on the page of the latest and the most important shows, we can also provide advice concerning the unforgettable events that best suit your requirements.

Booking service

Our company will guarantee the reservation and the collect of your sporting events tickets before your arrival, we offer VIP package including the best stand in the venue, fast luxury transportation  plus you don’t have to stand in the queue our staff will take care of the direct access to any sporting event.

Are you in need of a perfect spot to reserve for a fine dining experience? Or would you like to hang out in a comfortable restaurant but you do not have any time to waste searching for the best spot that suits your choice? You don’t have to worry because Swiss Concierge is here to help you with fine dining and restaurant reservations. At Swiss Concierge Service Company, we offer our clients an awesome experience of dining and restaurant reservations that suits their needs.


For whatever reason you will be dining or needing a restaurant, either for a romantic dinner or a larger space for a group of friends or even a professional dinner, Swiss Concierge has offers that suit your needs and make sure that you spend the most wonderful moments of your life.

What makes our services stand out is that we have a large list of powerful conventional partners and networks and this helps us in providing suitable services for our clients. Some of these services are reservations for VIPs and top notch booking by providing an ideal seating position together with a flawless atmosphere and the tastiest meals ever in the region and all over the world.

VIP service

In case you want a highly exclusive meal or if you want to enjoy a bespoke tasting menus we can help you make arrangements for that. We can give you the VIP treatment you want to experience without stressing yourself or wasting your time in locating a restaurant to provide you with such service. Also, if you need VIP reservation for a special event in advance, don’t worry, we can help you make arrangements for that too.

The best relaxation lounges in the world

Swiss Concierge Service offers one of the best relaxation lounges experiences to its clients. Our lounges services include personalized treatments. Massage, teleconferencing rooms to carry out your commercial transactions along with entertainment spots such as bars, clubs with the access to VIP events and parties. Meeting the needs of our customers and making them enjoy VIP treatments and facilities ranging from free access to Wi-Fi, TV, computers, collection of newspapers and magazines and electronic charging platforms, is the priority of our staff.

Our strong relationships with all the major lounges in Switzerland will guarantee a lifetime experience that you will never forget.