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WE reserve, book, deliver & collect all your tickets for all Opera, Theatre, Cinema, Concert & Event Tickets. And deliver them promptly to your doorstep.

Opera, Theatre, Cinema, Concert and Event Tickets

Discover the best world’s entertainment tickets service company. We reserve, book, deliver and collect all your tickets for all opera, theatre, cinema, concert and event tickets. All order is deliver to your doorstep. At Swiss Concierge Company we have a team of committed workers who are so passionate about helping event planners to carry out their events proficiently and efficiently.

We are centered on providing specified, approachable ticketing service to Event organizers and planners. It does not matter whether you sell 10 or 10,000 tickets for your occasion. In a situation where you seem not to understand our services or need clarifications on the service we provide, our support crew will always be ready and be at hand to make clarif ications and directions through email, live chats or cell phone. Many of our viewer’s members have remarked on our professional and personal approach. With Swiss Concierge Service Company, be rest assured that ticketing for an event, either before and during its period would be carried out smoothly without delay.

Swiss Concierge Service Firm Ticket Services:

  • Opera
  • Theatre

  • Cinema

  • Events Tickets

  • Ticket Management

Even if all you want is a printed guest list or you fancy automating ticket authentication with barcode scanners, we provide a variety of registration and spectators administration methods, so also we provide service in order to simplify your experience.

Buy Your Ticket When and How You Like.

At Swiss Concierge Service Company, with the use of phone, online or by e-mail, one can easily order or reserve tickets for events and performances.

Reserving tickets by phone is been made available virtually around the clock, and tickets will be provided to your mailbox based on your choice. For a smooth booking experience you may pick up your tickets at a point of sale, and it can be delivered to you in your home.


For anyone that wanted to enjoy special comfort and luxury, we have a VIP package that will suit you. It is a natural time span of great opportunity as you will enjoy great value for your money. You can merge the incredible prospect with one of our VIP ticket package and turn it into a total mega experience that you may never recover from. Seriously, do not expect such a rich prospect elsewhere, buy Swiss Concierge Service Company VIP ticket as it is your passport to the most exciting, most exclusive and the most rewarding experience in the entire world.


When it comes to theatre tickets for shows and tickets to every musical event, plays and comedy, we provide a wide range of offers to fit your want. Go through our various theatre packages in order to buy tickets to a number of prevalent shows, or you can search for specific shows of your choice. At Swiss Concierge Service Company we offer an unrivaled ticket reservation, booking and delivery service covering all the major tickets for opera, theatre, cinema, concert, and events. Contact us at Swiss Concierge to book your ticket and enjoy all forms of entertainment that you will never forget.