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We deliver your bouquets of flowers & gifts directly to your destination

Flower and Gift Service

It is no longer news that one can now order flowers online and get it delivered to whoever they want to, but yet people still want a reliable delivery service that can help them deliver these flowers while they are still fresh. Also, when people order for gift items to send to their loved ones for certain reason such as birthday, Christmas or an anniversary, they always look forward to a delivery system that won’t tamper or delay their deliveries and that is why we are here to help you run every of your flower and gift delivery.

At Swiss Concierge Company

we can help you deliver your bouquets of flowers and gifts directly to any destination of your choice. We have committed and excellent customer service and also carry out fast delivery. At Swiss Concierge, you can order for beautiful flowers and awesome gifts and send to your loved ones, we will help you do this by delivering the items with care.

Where ever you may be, all you need to do is to order and you can get the items delivered as fast as possible. The care and attention we give to every bouquet and gift we deliver explain the reality that we are the best gift and flower delivery Service Company.

Swiss Concierge Flowers and Gift Service:

  • We deliver flowers and gifts to you for every occasion
  • We offer a city, national and international flowers and Gifts delivery service
  • We also offer the same day and immediate delivery service

Even if all you want is a printed guest list or you fancy automating ticket authentication with barcode scanners, we provide a variety of registration and spectators administration methods, so also we provide service in order to simplify your experience.

Safe and On-time delivery –

First and foremost, what makes our services the best amongst many others is that we always guarantee our clients of safe and on-time delivery of their bouquet and gifts no matter the location. We make sure that the flowers and gifts ordered arrive while fresh and will still be intact without any deformity at the receiver’s doorstep. Due to our reputable Swiss Concierge service, we also provide our clients with same-day delivery based on when the order came in; this is also a good option to suit our user’s choice and also to help them if the flowers and gifts have to be delivered urgently. What makes us unique is that we have a high-quality standard and we are quick in responding to customer’s queries and complaints.

A variety of flowers –

Secondly, what puts us ahead of others is the fact that we have a variety of flowers and floral arrangements made available to satisfy our customer’s want. From our wide range of flowers, you can choose the ones you want either for mother’s day, Valentine’s Day or any other occasion. Apart from this, we also enable our clients to attach candies and gifts with the flowers, in order to make a nice impact.

Our flower and gift team

are putting the fun back into flower gifting by designing thrilling, on-trend bouquets of fresh flowers that are simple to send and even easier to receive. Contact us at Swiss Concierge now on +41767970707 and we promise to make each flower delivery exceptional.