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Are you in need of a perfect spot for a fine dining reservation experience? Or want to hang out at a comfortable restaurant but no time to begin to check from area to area looking for one that suits your choice? Then know that Swiss Concierge is here to help you with you fine dining and restaurant reservations. At Swiss Concierge Service Company, we offer our clients an awesome experience of dining and restaurants reservations service that suits their want.


For whatever reason you will be dining or need a restaurant, either for a romantic candle light dinner or a larger space for a group of friends or even a personal dinner, Swiss Concierge has an offer that would suit your need and make you have a memorable moment.

What makes our services stand out is that we have a long list of robust conventional partners and networks and this helps us in providing suitable services for our clients. Some of these services are reservations for VIPs and top notch reservation and will make them available by providing them with an ideal seating position alongside a flawless atmosphere.

Dining Reservations

With Swiss Concierge Service Company, you can be relaxed and still be rest assured of the best dining table reservation at a restaurant because every reservation made are taken into cognizance. Reservations can be made for many table-service restaurants and there is also a wide selection of quick-service dining and snack locations to pick from where you can constantly get the tasty choice for every meal!

We provide the best dining service reservations that are only at the best and high-class restaurants across Europe.

Restaurant Reservations

At Swiss Concierge Service Company, we offer an elite restaurant reservation service to our users and this paves the way to the most desirable restaurants around the world, based on its fully maintain a plan. Swiss Concierge Service Company have partnered with classic and quality providing restaurants across Europe that can always deliver a quality meal that you won’t regret. You can book your reservation by giving us a call +41767970707 now! Swiss Concierge set aside booking that is efficient by steady entrée to immediate reservations which is for our selected restaurants. Our clients are able to access different restaurant anywhere and at any time.

VIP Service

In case you want a highly exclusive meal or if you want to have an experience of what it is to enjoy an exclusive, bespoke tasting menus we can help you make arrangements for that. We can give you that VIP treatment you want to experience without you stressing yourself or spending more time locating a restaurant to provide you with this service. Also, if you need an advance VIP reservation for a special event, don’t worry, we can help you make arrangements for that.


Swiss Concierge Service Company ensures full phone service and member request response at 24 hours a day. We take care of any restaurant and dining reservation request. Whether it’s reservation advice or assistance you’re looking for, Swiss Concierge Service Company has the answer. Contact us through +41767970707 or fill our contact form to book your reservation.