Davos Hotels

Davos, Switzerland is the host of the World Economic forum since 1971, the great annual meeting, which takes place in January and lasts for 4 days, many people come from each corner of the world to participate in this event, heads of states, politicians, entrepreneurs, economists, celebrities and journalists, they are all involved in the subject of globalization and the creation of a better world and a perfect future.

Such an event requires deep planning and effective organization, multiple strict security protocols are implemented to ensure safety during these 4 days. The first thing the attendees will search for, is a suitable and luxurious accommodation, about 2500 guests will certainly face hardships when looking for an apartment, that’s why Swiss Concierge Services is always ready to help and support everyone during the WEF as we have a huge network and strong partnerships with many top notch hotels in the region, so you can rest assured that we have already prepared a selection of the best accommodations for you, and it is up to you to choose and it is up to us to carry out the reservation.

You simply have to contact us and we start your reservation form now, save your place with us as we grant you access to many first class hotels in Davos such as the Steigenberger grand hotel Belvedere, which is a 5 star hotel and the best one, located in the heart of the city and it is near the convention center, so you can simply reach it by walking, this hotel is really marvelous and outstanding, it is spacious and contains 123 rooms, it has a luxurious room service and you can enjoy the premium spas and the wellness centers inside this hotel.

Hotel Seehof is also very renowned, situated in the famous street “the Promenade” in Davos, it has a wonderful design and the rooms are fully furnished and equipped with the necessary amenities, it also includes luxurious spas and wellness centers. You can really enjoy your stay here. Swiss Concierge Services will offer you the best apartment in these hotels, together with many other great resorts like the Intercontinental and the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz.

With us, you don’t have to worry about your accommodation; we will make sure that you spend unforgettable moments in Davos hotels.




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