Chauffeur WEF

The World Economic Forum is one of the most intense and most important events that takes place annually in Davos, Switzerland, engaging a large number of people; heads of states, economists, politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and journalists, all coming each year in January to discuss the major topics and issues of humanity in order to recommend solutions to establish a better future for everyone.

Think about how many attendees will come, estimated this year to be about 3000 participants, an efficient organization is really needed because the weather in Davos during this big event is so cold, the roads are filled with snow and the traffic jam increases, which makes the transportation and the movement from place to place difficult, you can’t manage to reach the congress center in time, you will miss many important events, however, as every year, our renowned company Swiss Concierge Services is ready to help everyone on the level of transportation, we really know the value of this event as much as we know the value of your visit to Switzerland and we strive to make every moment of your stay unforgettable and worthy.

We gladly put at your service our highly experienced and determined chauffeurs, who will welcome you at the airport, handle your luggage and transport you to your desired destination within one of our high end limousines in full comfort and security. Our highly qualified and skilled drivers have great knowledge about the roads which make them very familiar with any hard situation, so you can relax and enjoy the ride because our highly committed chauffeurs will take care of the road and take you to the convention center or any other stop on time and in style.

With excellent driving skills, sense of humor and a great listening capacity, our exceptional chauffeurs will provide you with the best transportation experience during the WEF.

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