Best hotel in Davos, Switzerland

The small mountainous town of Davos, Switzerland, has never failed to attract a large number of visitors each year, either because of its tourist attractions or for being the host of the World economic forum which takes place every year in January, many economic and political elites, heads of states, celebrities come to the [...]

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5 stars hotels in Davos, Switzerland

Davos, Switzerland is the host of the most valuable and the most important event in the world; the World Economic Forum, which is an annual meeting, also called the summit and it involves a huge number of attendees each year in January. Political and economic elites, heads of states, celebrities, etc. they are all [...]

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World Economic Forum Security

The World Economic Forum will be held again in Davos, Switzerland in January 2019, as usual, this big event attracts a lot of participants; world leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, academics and journalists, it is an annual meeting that lasts 4 days to discuss and provide recommendations to improve the world and to establish a better [...]

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World Economic Forum 2019

The World Economic Forum 2019, will be as intense and big as its pervious, the annual meeting will be held again in Davos, Switzerland and it will engage a huge number of participants and attendees coming from each corner of the world; heads of states, economists, businessmen, politicians, celebrities and journalists. They will all [...]

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World Economic Forum

DAVOS 2018 WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Our Embassy Service for The World Economic Forum is serviced by our Mercedes; Maybach, S-Class, E-Class, V-Class and Sprinter luxury and modern limousines, all chauffeured cars for the perfect trip. All cars packs safety, luxury and style into one very affordable package. These cars have always been popular with executives [...]

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