Davos Klosters, Switzerland

Davos, is a mountain town, probably the highest in the Alps at 1560m, every year the World Economic Forum is held there, and all the important people of the world find themselves there for the summit. It is the largest mountain resort in the Alps and a very cosmopolitan resort. Davos Klosters is the ideal [...]

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Luxury ski hotels in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best tourist attractions in the entire world, because of the many aspects and advantages, mainly its exceptional winter holidays and of course the ski! A lot of visitors come every year for this reason; many of them prefer to stay in luxurious hotels which are close to the ski areas. [...]

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World Economic Forum, Davos summit

In January 2018, as usual the world leaders, the politicians and many VIP figures were supposed to be on time for the yearly meeting of the WEF in Davos, Switzerland as usual, however, the heftiest snowfall ever in the latest 20 years disturbed the traffic and the roads became filled with snow which postponed the [...]

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Ski and winter sports in Davos

You are planning for an amazing winter sports holidays, the Davos ski area is the perfect destination for you. This corner of paradise is full of vast tracks, breathtaking landscapes and a multitude of wellness facilities for all tastes. Bring your family and friends and come enjoy the best winter vacation of your life. There [...]

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Luxury chalets Switzerland

Switzerland is known for many aspects, mainly its majestic mountains and marvelous landscapes, many people who come to visit it on their holidays opt for its luxurious chalets as a preferred accommodation, as they are located in the most attractive places in the region; near the glacier, the mountains and the magnificent resorts. Whether to [...]

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Christmas in Switzerland

The Christmas, this magnificent period of the year, which takes us into a magical universe and which delights both adults and children with its Illuminations, fairy, big spectacles, visits of Santa Claus, the end and the beginning of a new year. The Christmas in Switzerland has other aspects; it is something out of the ordinary. [...]

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Shopping in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its high standard of living and its multiple shops all along the streets of Swiss cities. Geneva in particular is home to many luxury brands, especially on the Rue du Rhône. You will find all the major brands of fashion, jewelry and watchmaking. In Lausanne, go downtown, around Place Palud and [...]

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Best places to ski in Switzerland

Between the most majestic peaks of the Alps, the marvelous cities of Geneva and Zurich, the charming villages and the attractive region of Interlaken, Switzerland is a unique European ski destination. It is a ski haven with a choice of resorts and areas out of the ordinary. There are very few countries where skiing and [...]

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Switzerland tourist attractions

Switzerland is, without dispute, one of the best tourist attractions in the entire world, with its marvelous lakes and the splendid mountains of the Alps. The natural sites are the main reason to visit this region. The direct contact with nature, the mountain resorts, the variety of landscapes, cultures and languages, which are concentrated in [...]

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Davos meeting 2019

The big annual event of the summit that takes place in Davos, Switzerland, will be held again in January 2019 involving a huge number of people that has reached about 3000 participants this year; from world leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, journalists and so on. As every year this event main topic is globalization, all [...]

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