The most marvelous cities in Switzerland

Spending your holidays in a country like Switzerland is a real privilege. It has it all! Starting with a breathtaking natural wealth, a gastronomy combining tradition and modernity as well delicious chocolates and the finest fondue recognized all over the world. Switzerland is also famous for its knives and watches; it is a true land [...]

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The world Economic Forum, Davos summit 2019

Established in 1971, the World Economic Forum, which has its headquarters in Geneva, aims to "improve the state of the world". It is a large project to which the foundation spends about 200 million each year, mainly for the organization of the Davos summit. This fundamental global meeting will take place again from 23 to [...]

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Cross-country skiing events in Davos

FIS Davos Nordic Cross-Country Skiing World Cup, This event is the Swiss meeting of the World Cup for Dario Cologna, Laurien van de Graaff and the others. This global competition, now called Davos Nordic, has been marked on the World Cup calendar since 1984. The founders will compete in Davos during the weekend of December [...]

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The International Exhibition of Fine Watchmaking in Geneva 2019

The International Exhibition of Fine Watchmaking in Geneva will open its doors from January 14 to 17, 2019. It is at the SIHH that the brands present world premieres their horological creations, fruits of research often long and demanding. It is also there that it is possible to get to know creators, watchmakers and designers. [...]

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Hotel accommodation service in Switzerland

Whenever you visit Switzerland for business or pleasure and you are looking for the perfect accommodation, you should contact Swiss Concierge Services because we have a large selection of luxury hotels in the region and we are proud of our premium and personalized customer service. From the moment of your reservation to your arrival [...]

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Luxury car rental in Switzerland

The first thing you will need when you are in Switzerland is a limousine suitable for all your transportation needs, whether you would like to enjoy a real lavish shopping experience, visit famous sites, plan an evening in town or you have an important meeting that you can’t miss, you don't have to worry about [...]

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Helicopter rental in Switzerland

There is no traffic jam in the sky, that's what people who want to save time or enjoy a wonderful journey to Switzerland, should consider before renting a vehicle for business or for leisure and entertainment. Helicopters are recommended for quick trips to more distant destinations. The helicopter is very useful for places that are [...]

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Customized concierge services

The idea of concierge services is first created to organize people life, to offer solutions for busy people, the concierge does the tasks that people can’t manage accomplish without assistance, time is so precious and it is up to the concierge to save it. You realize that a concierge service is effective when it is [...]

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Baggage transport service

One of the main constraints of traveling is to worry about your luggage, you can't bear the idea of carrying them with you wherever you go, you will waste your time and energy, especially because you have other important tasks that you have to accomplish or you just want to enjoy your trip without stress [...]

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Davos World Economic Forum hotel

Davos, Switzerland has been the host for the World Economic Forum since 1971, many attendees come each year to the big event, heads of states, businessmen, economists, politicians and journalists for the purpose to improve the world and suggest solutions for all the problems of humanity. This year, 2018, the Number of people in the [...]

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