VIP security service in Switzerland

Switzerland is the prime destination for many visitors, its magnificent mountains, its wonderful cities, its great history, its rich culture; all of this made it number one tourist attraction. Everyone comes for his own reason, either for pleasure or for business or even to participate in a big event like the World Economic Forum of [...]

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Security service in Switzerland

The individuals, the public or private companies, governmental and international institutions as well as celebrities are all in need of efficient protection and effective risk assessment and it is up to our reputable company, Swiss Concierge Service to ensure foolproof security in all levels. Swiss Concierge Services provides advanced security protocols adjusted by experts and [...]

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Security Service

SECURITY SERVICE. Combined security and intelligence to anywhere around the globe at a moment’s notice.ELITE CLASSUnrivaled Elite Security & Intelligence Service physical and property protection and securityWe offer you tailor-made solutions for your security requirements. We protect personnel, property, event, and valuables.We are both professional and discreet. You are safe with our team of elite, high-quality, [...]

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