Limousine service in Switzerland

Ensuring the customer safety, comfort and satisfaction are what makes a limousine service successful, Swiss Concierge Services has managed to achieve perfectionism at the level of transport, with years of experience, accomplishment and a team of committed chauffeurs, our business and our reputation have not stopped growing, making us one of the most reliable limousine [...]

Private jet rental in Switzerland

Renting a private jet is a growing demand nowadays, whether you need it for business travel or for fun and entertainment, jets play a key role in the level of transportation, they are recommended for fast trips to farther destinations, many people request the private planes in order to avoid the traffic jam, the hassle [...]

Yacht rental in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its magnificent lakes and rivers, both the local and the visitors enjoy its marvelous views, especially when you embark on a journey in a yacht to better discover it and to sail next to the famous mountains, just imagining this makes you rushing to try this unique experience, well, everything is [...]

Luxury Car Rental, Helicopter, Boats & Private Jets

ELITE TRAVEL. There only way to travel and that is to fly in a private jet or sail in a boat or drive in a luxury car. We will provide you with a truly luxurious experience, driving you right up to the private jet, helicopter, boat or luxury car and assist you with your luggage. With [...]