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Baggage Handling

We provide the services of loading and unloading baggage and cargo for transport via limousine, MPV, aircraft, boat and helicopter. Swiss Concierge Service Company is one of the world’s top baggage handling organizations, providing high-quality cargo, passenger, premium, ramp and baggage services in Switzerland and across Europe.

Does carrying your luggage to and fro the travel terminal seems to be quite stressful? At Swiss Concierge Baggage Handling Company we can assist you in getting your holiday and business trip off in a stress-free way. We operate a unique, family run business which focuses in transporting your luggage to and from your cruise, aircraft, vehicle, ship, railway and ports by taking away all the hassle.

Door To Door Luggage Carrying Service

At Swiss Concierge Company, we offer a dedicated door to door luggage carrying service that comprises collection from your home address, delivering them to your destination on day of departure and the return of your bags to your door.

We are here to offer you total service and complete pleasure so as to enable you gets a great trip. We can help you get your baggage from your home address based on an agreed date rightly before you take on you trip. Be assured of your luggage being secure, with our secure luggage tags which are provided with your confirmation letter. After which your luggage will be transferred to our secure storage unit up until the date you are to travel; then it will be delivered to you.

World cruise luggage

We can also carry your luggage in the customaryform which is, from your home address and conveyit to the ship on the fixed date with the shipping line. This collection would be carried out right after the luggage has been freed by customs on a set date by the shipping threshold.

Airport Baggage Service

Swiss Concierge Company provides airport baggage handling service for tourist and travelers, our service is highly exceptional. We make use of quality resources and that you can never imagine, our airports conveyors take proper steps to guides you and ensure customer friendliness.

Local and International Baggage Transfers

In a situation where you are to transfer between domestic flights or between international and domestic flights, it is very common that you’ll need to collect your luggage, check in again and transfer your luggage. Our staff will let you be acquainted with the time when your baggage will be transferred. You may still need to check in at the linking airport to obtain your next boarding pass before check-in closes. Remember, it’s your task to make your connecting flight on time.

Swiss Concierge Baggage Handling Services Includes:

  • City to City Baggage Transfers
  • Railway Baggage Service
  • Luggage
  • Cargo
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Aircraft, Helicopter, Trains, Boats, Autos
  • Airports, Depots, Ports, Stations

We recognize efficient baggage handling plays a significant role in keeping guests happy. From inspection point to the aircraft, ship, train and vehicle to the baggage area our transportation of baggage are well planned.

We have competent supervisors that will handle client baggage according to their condition and ensure they meet up with the right standards. We provide speedy authorization of baggage all the way through security terminal successfully. Swiss Concierge is the best baggage handling company, do not hesitate to contact us and get access to our professional handling services.