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Switzerland tourist attractions

Switzerland is, without dispute, one of the best tourist attractions in the entire world, with its marvelous lakes and the splendid mountains of the Alps. The natural sites are the main reason to visit this region. The direct contact with nature, the mountain resorts, the variety of landscapes, cultures and languages, which are concentrated in [...]

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Education service in Switzerland

Whether you are a student and you would like to get an exceptional education in one of the great universities in the entire world, you are an employee or a young footballer and you need additional education services to improve your intellectual capacities, you are very busy and you want to learn a new language [...]

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Chauffeur service in Switzerland

The first feature that makes a limo service efficient and special is its chauffeurs, they are the ones who handle the roads, take care of your busy schedule, manage your luggage, provide you with useful information and guarantee a fast and safe transportation. Swiss Concierge Services has proven to have the most perfect drivers in [...]

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Hotel accommodation service in Switzerland

Whenever you visit Switzerland for business or pleasure and you are looking for the perfect accommodation, you should contact Swiss Concierge Services because we have a large selection of luxury hotels in the region and we are proud of our premium and personalized customer service. From the moment of your reservation to your arrival [...]

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VIP security service in Switzerland

Switzerland is the prime destination for many visitors, its magnificent mountains, its wonderful cities, its great history, its rich culture; all of this made it number one tourist attraction. Everyone comes for his own reason, either for pleasure or for business or even to participate in a big event like the World Economic Forum of [...]

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Security service in Switzerland

The individuals, the public or private companies, governmental and international institutions as well as celebrities are all in need of efficient protection and effective risk assessment and it is up to our reputable company, Swiss Concierge Service to ensure foolproof security in all levels. Swiss Concierge Services provides advanced security protocols adjusted by experts and [...]

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Limousine service in Switzerland

Ensuring the customer safety, comfort and satisfaction are what makes a limousine service successful, Swiss Concierge Services has managed to achieve perfectionism at the level of transport, with years of experience, accomplishment and a team of committed chauffeurs, our business and our reputation have not stopped growing, making us one of the most reliable limousine [...]

Private jet rental in Switzerland

Renting a private jet is a growing demand nowadays, whether you need it for business travel or for fun and entertainment, jets play a key role in the level of transportation, they are recommended for fast trips to farther destinations, many people request the private planes in order to avoid the traffic jam, the hassle [...]

Yacht rental in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its magnificent lakes and rivers, both the local and the visitors enjoy its marvelous views, especially when you embark on a journey in a yacht to better discover it and to sail next to the famous mountains, just imagining this makes you rushing to try this unique experience, well, everything is [...]

Limousine transfer service in Switzerland

Upon your arrival in Switzerland, our reputable company, Swiss Concierge Services, is ready to provide you with the perfect limousine transportation for all your movements and travel needs in the entire region, either from the airport to the hotel or from your accommodation to your preferred event or your important meeting. In other words, we [...]

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