Christmas in Switzerland

The Christmas, this magnificent period of the year, which takes us into a magical universe and which delights both adults and children with its Illuminations, fairy, big spectacles, visits of Santa Claus, the end and the beginning of a new year. The Christmas in Switzerland has other aspects; it is something out of the ordinary. While the cities are illuminated with its marvelous lights, the visit of Christmas markets is a meeting place and a must event for thousands of people. The wooden cabins filled with wonderful handicrafts, the finest hot wine that warms our hands, the streets filled with people; locals and visitors, they all want to enjoy the festivals, spectacles and stunning shows.
Let’s discover the perfect cities and places for Christmas in Switzerland; Zurich, exactly in the old city, many stands stretch from Niederdorfstrasse to Hirschenplatz and then to Rosenhof, the city becomes very busy, colorful and filled with joy and fireworks as well as many stores open to sell many wonderful gifts, music and spectacles for everyone to take pleasure in them. Lucerne, exactly in the central station, this Christmas market will delight you with multiple small houses and various musical shows. Sion, with 60 craft tents you will enjoy a magnificent festive program with many activities for kids and adults, concerts, artistic shows and many other discoveries. Lugano, offers a Christmas market rich in entertainment, ski, ice skating and many concerts. Bern, in its market, you will enjoy handmade gifts and souvenirs as well as the mulled wine in a breathtaking atmosphere. Geneva, exactly in the city of Carouge, you will enjoy the most typical ambience of Christmas ever.
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