Yacht rental in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its magnificent lakes and rivers, both the local and the visitors enjoy its marvelous views, especially when you embark on a journey in a yacht to better discover it and to sail next to the famous mountains, just imagining this makes you rushing to try this unique experience, well, everything is possible for our renowned company, Swiss Concierge Services, as we provide first class yacht rental for all your needs and of course with competitive prices.

On board of our opulent yachts, you benefit from the impeccable logistics combined with the discreet service of Yacht rental; you will enjoy the perfect tailor-made sea leisure. We take you to a new era of private yacht travel. Whether you would like to take pleasure in a hot party with your friends within a luxurious boat while enjoying the wonderful view of the lake or you want to embark on a journey to discover the region through the sea and pass by the great alps far from all the stress and hassle of everyday life, we have exactly what you are looking for.

If you want to organize an event with your colleagues in one of our first class yachts, our services will adapt to all your business requirements, our top notch yachts offer unrivaled on-board living space thanks to its impressive size, you will feel totally free.  We also put at your disposal our highly experienced and professional crew, which consists of a highly qualified captain, sailors, a cook and stewards; they all cooperate to provide you with a unique experience.

For the perfect yacht rental, contact us, we process all your requests promptly after discussing all your needs and requirements, we aim for your satisfaction and for the fulfillment of all your dreams.

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