World Economic Forum Security

The World Economic Forum will be held again in Davos, Switzerland in January 2019, as usual, this big event attracts a lot of participants; world leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, academics and journalists, it is an annual meeting that lasts 4 days to discuss and provide recommendations to improve the world and to establish a better future for humanity. Imagine the huge number of people that comes each year from each corner of the world, they all gather in the small snowy country of Davos, the government implements multiple strict security protocols throughout the region to protect the attendees from internal and external threats.

Swiss Concierge Services is fully aware that such an event is exposed to multiple risks because of the presence of many important persons like the heads of states and we strongly believe that an effective security program is needed, that’s why we will do our best to ensure your safety before, during and after the event as we put at your service our trained and certified security agents who will ensure your full protection, we also put at your disposal our armed agents from Special Forces who are familiar with any hazardous situation.

Whenever you need transportation in Davos from a place to another we will offer you escort service, one of our trained agents will be your personal guard, he will ensure your safety, our security agents are fully certified, licensed and they are even friendly, your comfort and your peace of mind is our top priority. , so you don’t have to worry about anything, because the government will do its best and we too will assist to ensure a risk-free WEF for everyone.

When it comes to security during the World Economic Forum, Swiss Concierge Services is always ready, we are also involved in the creation of a better world and a perfect future for the humanity, thus we always strive to offer premium security services to everyone.

WEF DAVOS 2018 Embassy Service

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