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DAVOS 2018

Concierge Services and the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is one of the largest international non profit organisations located at the heart of Switzerland. Its agenda is to improve the overall standard of life throughout the entire world by positively influencing all spheres in the development of regions ñ political, business, and academic and so on.

The History of the World Economic Forum

It was first founded in the early 70s of the past century by a German professor, who taught in Geneva. The original name of the organisation was ìEuropean Management Forum,î but it got changed to its current one in 1987. The organisation managed to get as powerful as it is due to the support of the European Commission and the Parliament thus making the invitations of hundreds of different executives worldwide more than just a piece of paper.

Keeping in mind that during those years the corporate structure was still being developed in the western world, Schwab ñ the founder of the World Economic Forum, turned the inner government of the non profit organisation into a stakeholder management. Better simplified, everyone was taken into account regarding the success of the agenda of the organisation ñ from the countries, through the corporate executives, to the average employee. Schwab was the one that created the system during his academic work and utilised it into his organisation.

Modern Times

The forum is one of the most appropriate places for world leaders and corporate executives to reach agreements on different kinds of deals that would have a massive impact on the overall standard of life in a given region or a country. After the collapse of the Bretton Woods system, it turned its attention to social issues as well. A far more recent example would be the vote of Brexit, there was an outburst of right wing politicians which were rooting against the free trade agreements throughout Europe, The World Economic forum, however, was the perfect platform for different leaders to voice their opinions on the matter.

Thereís an annual meeting at the end of January held in Davos, Switzerland, which is one of the most advanced winter resorts in the Swiss Alps. In modern days, there are almost around 3,000 business executives, economists, international political leaders and journalist that meet up at the platform and discuss the most important issues around the world. There are around eight more meetings happening in different parts around the globe throughout the year.

Travel in Class to and In Davos

The fancy winter resort would be most comfortably travelled to in luxurious vehicles. As its location is in the Alps, attendees would need to be picked up from the closest airport, which is in Zurich. The vehicles come with a designated driver, to be at your services.

Furthermore, you would have the opportunity to use his exclusive services throughout your entire stay at the resort taking you from your hotel to the location of the WEFís meeting ñ the Davos Klosters, or also known in English as the Castles of Davos.

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