World Economic Forum 2019

The World Economic Forum 2019, will be as intense and big as its pervious, the annual meeting will be held again in Davos, Switzerland and it will engage a huge number of participants and attendees coming from each corner of the world; heads of states, economists, businessmen, politicians, celebrities and journalists. They will all gather in the congress center to discuss the main topics of globalization and provide solutions for a better future for humans all around the world.

Imagine the huge number of people who will come to stay in Davos during the 4 days of the event, they will face many constraints in terms of transportation and movement in the traffic jam and on the roads filled with snow, they can’t even manage to find a suitable accommodation, that’s why we, Swiss Concierge Services, strongly believe that an effective organization and assistance are needed during this event and we have already prepared high quality services to support you.

On the level of transportation, we put at your service, our experienced chauffeurs who are very familiar with this situation and have remarkable knowledge about the roads, along with our large fleet of luxurious modern limousines; we will ensure your transportation together with your buggage handling from the airport to your desired destination on time, in full comfort and security.

When it comes to finding a suitable accommodation, we are your perfect choice, as we have large networks and strong partnerships with many 5 stars hotels in Switzerland, we will certainly offer you the best apartment together with luxurious room services. We always strive to make you happy and satisfied; don’t hesitate to contact us in order to enjoy our premium services during the WEF of 2019.

WEF DAVOS 2018 Embassy Service

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