WEF limousine

The World Economic Forum, WEF, is one of the great annual meetings that take place in Davos, Switzerland, involving a huge number of participants, including, world leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and journalists, they discuss the main issues and topics of globalization and suggest solutions for a better world and a perfect future. From 23 to 26 January each year, Davos becomes overcrowded, let alone the cold weather and the streets that are filled with snow which makes the transport even harder. People need to reach the event venue and go from meeting to meeting, from the airport to hotels and many other destinations, out of the rush hour during the four days of the event, transportation and movement become almost impossible and you will waste a lot of time, however, the only solution is to rely on Swiss Concierge Services which will provide you with the best WEF limousine service.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the overcrowding, the hardships of transportation and even the cold weather, because we will put at your disposal our huge fleet of luxurious limousines equipped with the latest technologies together with our professional chauffeurs who are very familiar with this hard situation and have great remarkable driving skills, so you can sit in the back seat, relax and enjoy a comfortable ride while our highly qualified drivers handle the road.

We will make sure that you reach your desired destination on time, in style and safety, our limousine service has proved to be the best in Switzerland, because we put our customer needs and requirements first, we strive everyday to offer high quality services that simplify and facilitate any event procedure, especially the World Economic Forum, because we are also involved in the creation of a better future for humanity.

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