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Our company provides human security solutions for all types and sizes of industries, businesses and public sector organizations. When it comes to protecting people and properties, Swiss Concierge Services offers bespoke VIP surveillance services.

Our highly qualified and certified guards are specialized in protecting premises against unauthorized access, damage, theft or destruction and protecting people from injury, as well as operating and responding to alarm systems. Our experts implement various protocols to secure areas and equipment and patrol for any suspected individual, vehicle or material.

Upon your request, Swiss Concierge Services will deploy its security guards together with highly advanced surveillance cameras around your property to ensure full protection. If you need security services during an important event or conference in your enterprise, contact us and we will carry out the task perfectly.

We provide VIP surveillance for both private and public sectors; business leaders, athletes, celebrities as well as governmental and international institutions. In personal or professional events like the World Economic Forum, we are always ready to offer tailored security services to our clients.

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