VIP security service in Switzerland

Switzerland is the prime destination for many visitors, its magnificent mountains, its wonderful cities, its great history, its rich culture; all of this made it number one tourist attraction. Everyone comes for his own reason, either for pleasure or for business or even to participate in a big event like the World Economic Forum of Davos, which is held annually in January, so you can imagine how many people visit Lucerne each year; this country is really a tourist magnet. Thus, whenever there are a huge number of people in a common place, security becomes a crucial thing, especially for the celebrities, the famous businessmen and the world leaders, that’s why our reputable company, Swiss Concierge Services offers a VIP security service around Switzerland.

Whether you are traveling to Switzerland for business or for fun, we will be always like your shadow, whenever you need effective security service, we put at your disposal our security agents who are highly trained and qualified and ready around the clock to ensure your full protection. If you need a safety escort service to your desired destination or a comprehensive surveillance for your property or for your special event, we are on it!

Our officers are trained in surveillance, medical assistance or first aid, security protocol, operational planning, threat and risk assessment, crowd control, communication and threat management; we also provide impeccable chauffeur service in various means of transportation to ensure a safe escort to your desired destination.

When it comes to VIP security in Switzerland, Swiss Concierge Services is your exemplary option, our experts perceive and study all the internal and external risks and put into effect tailor made security services so that all our clients feel safe and can carry out their tasks without worrying. We take the security to a whole new top-end level.

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