The rich gastronomy of Switzerland

If Switzerland is famous for its watches, it is equally well known for its outstanding gastronomy. Gourmands and gourmets will each find their share of happiness in this culinary paradise that satisfies all the tastes. In addition, the country contains a wide range of superior quality restaurants which all offer the finest specialties and a rich and diversified culinary art. Here are the greatest Swiss specialties and the best addresses that you should drop by whenever you are there.
The rösti, in Zurich, the recipe is prepared with raw potatoes. They are however cooked by the Bernese. In any case, the preparation of rösti includes cheese, garlic and onions, sometimes bacon. The variations of this potato pancake are numerous, we recommend as a best place to savor this specialty is in Fritschi Restaurant in Lucerne or in Restaurant Swiss Chuchi in Zurich.
Cheese fondue, it is one of finest Swiss specialties, Gruyère or other hard cheese is used, which is then melted with white wine. The fondue is presented in a pot placed on a candle or stove to maintain the heat. Dip your piece of bread and enjoy. We recommend that you visit the restaurant Chäsalp or Le Dezaley in Zurich for the best Fondue.
Graubünden meat, the recipe is made of beef rubbed with spices and salt before being dried in the open air for several months. It is protected by an IGP which guarantees you its high quality. To be eaten in thin slices, alone or accompanied by a raclette. The best place to savor this specialty is in Ochsen Steakhouse Davos or in La Vacca in Laax.
Any journey to Switzerland is incomplete if you don’t savor its chocolate; Lindt, Tobler, Cailler etc. these are world famous brands that have sprung up in the country. Cooked with criollo or forestero, the different Swiss chocolates are simply delicious. Go to the Zurich and drop by Läderach for the most delicious treat of chocolate and the tastiest desserts. There are also many factories that you can visit to taste the best chocolate.
The sausages or charcuterie, there are several varieties: the Geneva langeole, La boule of Basel, sausage Vaudois, dried meat of Valais … These charcuterie are sometimes well savored, in hot or cold preparations. We recommend that you go to Le Caveau restaurant in Verbier or AuGust in Zurich to enjoy this specialty to the fullest.
The list of the Swiss specialties and its rich gastronomy goes on, for more information you can contact us, if you need to book a table in one of these restaurants or you want a VIP access, our company Swiss Concierge Services can guarantee that for you, we even provide hotel reservations and reliable limousine services.

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