The most marvelous cities in Switzerland

Spending your holidays in a country like Switzerland is a real privilege. It has it all! Starting with a breathtaking natural wealth, a gastronomy combining tradition and modernity as well delicious chocolates and the finest fondue recognized all over the world. Switzerland is also famous for its knives and watches; it is a true land of luxury. The Swiss cities represent the secret behind the beauty of this country at all levels and aspects. Let’s see what is so special about these cities.
Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich is deemed the economic capital of the country. Frequented by the wealthiest businessmen on the planet, this city is considered one of the hubs of the global economy. Geneva is a big city, in which you can enjoy Lake Geneva and take a walk through its well known areas. The St Pierre Cathedral or the Museum of Old Geneva represents a must-see.
Capital of Switzerland, Bern has numerous museums, parks, and beautiful houses that you can visit during your stay in the city. For some years now, it has become the most popular tourist destination. You will certainly love the local cuisine there. If you want to spend your stay in peace, quiet and serenity, choose Lugano, a little piece of heaven away from the movements and sounds of big Swiss cities. You will have the chance to practice a water sport like jet-ski, or windsurfing.
When business blends with tourism! Davos is a beautiful Swiss municipality which has become over the years a tourist area where it is good to rest and live there, it is also the host of the World Economic Forum.
Locarno offers many amusement parks, vast rest area and long walk through the city. It guarantees a total change of scenery and will reconcile you with nature. Lucerne, the heart of Switzerland and the city of festivals and the old Chapel Bridge, it is a haven for fun lovers.
If you are a fan of jazz music, the city of Montreux organizes every year a festival that brings together all the jazz players from around the world. It is an opportunity for you to discover the city and its beautiful parks and gardens. Verbier is ideal for winter holidays; it is a ski resort that is very appreciated by tourists. In summer, it offers a beautiful landscape which is suitable for family picnics.
The city of Gstaad is the most popular holiday destination for celebrities. You will find luxury chalets, world class hotels with and extremely refined dishes. You like the mountains and you are passionate about nature, Zermatt offers visitors a magnificent hike through its inexhaustible natural wealth. It is hard to resist its greenery. This city is also convenient for summer skiing.
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