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Private jets, yachts
And limos, boats
and even helicopters rental

Swiss Concierge Services possess highly experienced drivers together with professional pilots, all at your service, whenever you rent a limousine, helicopter or a private jet, our chauffeurs and pilots will be at your service, with excellent driving and steering skills they can guarantee the perfect ground and air transfer for you.

Safety and comfort are guaranteed with our excellent drivers and pilots as they are highly trained, certified, licensed and have a great deal of experience. They are familiar with the roads, the directions and show caution and vigilance in any inconvenience, they are also well informed about all the aspects of Switzerland and they will provide you with the necessary information whenever needed.

Our skilled drivers and pilots share good manners, they are customer friendly, they will respect your privacy and you can communicate with them whenever you want and consider them as your personal assistants. They have advanced mechanical abilities so they daily maintain and clean up the vehicles and carry out safety inspections on them in order to guarantee that you enjoy a ride or a trip completely comfortable, safe and full of stress.

With Swiss Concierge Services, all your journeys will be carried out by our professional and highly qualified drivers and pilots, whether on the ground or on the air, you will reach your destination on time, in style, comfort and safely.

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