Security service in Switzerland

The individuals, the public or private companies, governmental and international institutions as well as celebrities are all in need of efficient protection and effective risk assessment and it is up to our reputable company, Swiss Concierge Service to ensure foolproof security in all levels.

Swiss Concierge Services provides advanced security protocols adjusted by experts and specialists in the field. We perceive and study all the possible threats and prepare several safety strategies in advance, our agents are highly qualified, always on standby and ready to intervene. You can certainly count on us to provide complete protection and oversight of your properties.

Whether you have an important event or a conference held in your company and you need to strengthen your security because there are many VIP guests and participants, you just have to contact us and we will send our highly trained security agents to guarantee full safety. We are a very renowned enterprise owing to the fact that we ensure every year perfect security services during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Our great company provides security solutions for all types and sizes of industries, businesses and public or private sector organizations. When it comes to protecting people and properties, our highly qualified and certified guards ensure the safety of premises against unauthorized access, theft and damage, as well as operating and responding to alarm systems.

When it comes to security, Swiss Concierge Services is your perfect choice, we care so much about your safety and we always endeavor to guarantee full protection to you, your family, and your properties. With a customer oriented vision, we will be always honored and glad to serve you. With us, you are certainly in good hands.

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