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If you need an effective security service during the World Economic Forum, Swiss Concierge Services has already prepared for you foolproof protocols to ensure your safety before, during and after the meeting of Davos. Contact us in advance and hire your private security agents who will accompany you wherever you go and guarantee a full protection for you.

Our Security agents are very reputable on both national and international scales; they are certified, licensed and well trained in self defense and protection abilities, they will act as your personal guards and watch over you so that you can focus on the event and you don’t worry about anything else.

Our Security experts will assess and perceive all the inconveniences and dangers that may occur during the event and then they implement various safety protocols to guarantee complete protection for our clients from all the possible internal and external threats.

Our highly qualified security agents cooperate with our professional chauffeurs to ensure your safety on the road and during the event. Our guards will be always on standby and ready to intervene whenever needed.

With Swiss Concierge Services your safety is guaranteed, hire us for all your security needs during the World Economic Forum and let our highly determined agents carry out the task professionally.

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