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Medical advisory services
And assistance

Whether you need a doctor or want to go to a medical center to receive comprehensive care,
it’s up to us to find what’s right for you, ensure your transportation, your reservation, we even
provide you with effective medical advice. With strong partnerships with multiple medical
centers and healthcare facilities in Switzerland and thanks to our collaboration with many
renowned doctors, Swiss Concierge Services can ensure the best medical assistance and
reservation to our clients.
We have a lot of information about many renowned doctors and medical centers in
Switzerland, just contact us and we will set up an appointment, we will pick you up and
transport you to your desired destination so that you obtain the necessary health care, we also
provide medical advice thanks to our experienced medical team who is available around the
Our mission is to match you with your suitable doctor and provide you with useful healthcare
hints. Swiss Concierge Services helps you avoid the stress and fatigue of searching for the
convenient medical center, we do the search and we carry out the booking, while you rest and
enjoy our services.
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