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Private jets, yachts
And limos, boats
and even helicopters rental

You have business meetings in another country and you want to reach your destination on time and in style, you want to visit a wonderful island using private jet or a helicopter or you want to make a wonderful party with your friends on a luxury yacht in the open sea. We have exactly what you are looking for and it’s up to you to choose, everything we offer is tailored to your needs and requirements.

If you need a helicopter to transport you to your important event, the World Economic Forum in Davos, for example, a helicopter is very convenient for such a meeting, especially because it is held in a mountainous country; it makes the transportation easy and fast. For long distance travel, you can rent a private jet and reach your destination promptly and comfortably while you enjoy the luxury inside it.

Swiss Concierge Services puts at your service modern boats and opulent yachts available for rent and suitable for all your sea transportation. Just contact us and we will process your requests immediately.

Enjoy your journey at its best, avoid traffic jam and road restrictions because Swiss Concierge Services provides you with the perfect air and sea transport, thanks to our selection of opulent helicopters, boats, yachts and private jets, rent your suitable mean of transport and enjoy luxurious trips with us.

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