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Swiss medical concierge

Whether you are a traveller with health issues or you are just looking for the effective cure for your illness and you don’t want to waste both your money and time in vain, you don’t have to worry and stress yourself anymore because with Swiss medical concierge services everything is in our hands and we will take great care of you and your needs. Swiss medical concierge provides full assistance to its valued clients with various healthcare services that will facilitate your life. We are always at your disposal in order to guide you, assist you and provide advices to ensure an appropriate healthcare for you.

Swiss medical concierge services

Swiss medical concierge provides a wide range of quality services to its clients, including reservation, medical advice and assistance, therapies within our best hotels and treatment of your medical files before your arrival and we also have relationships with the best medical centers in the region and all over the world.

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About our collaborators

Dr. Amine Berriche

Dr. Amine BERRICHE Specialist in heart and vessels Diseases. Registered on the National Council of the Order of physicians in France, an expert who is  well known on the field, with an experience of  about 10 years in the domain, is missioned now by Swiss Concierge Service company to implement his great knowledge and skills in providing health information to patients wishing to have medical concierge service, provide answers to the requests made by the clients of the company in terms of medical care: study of medical file, orientation, plan and healthcare pathways.

In carrying out these tasks, Dr. Berriche is subject, in his relations with the customers of the company to the provision of the code of medical ethics, he also assumes the provision, in the field of his ordinal qualification, appropriate and intelligible information based on the acquired scientific data.

Dr. BERRICHE is committed to provide all the necessary information regarding the various courses of medical care and, if possible, to specify the expected benefit-risk ratios and by consulting, if necessary, colleagues from other medical specialties.

The company is committed to respecting the confidentiality of medical data. They will only be consulted by Dr. BERRICHE, in accordance with the code of medical ethics and he will reply to all your questions using a professional mailing service provided by the company together with the needed tools to ensure the archiving and the protection of your personal data.

Dr. BERRICHE will take good care of your medical needs as he operates independently from the company using his great knowledge and expertise for the best of the clients in ways that ensure credibility, trust and well being.

doctor amine berriche

Dr. Muneer Al Subah

doctor amine berriche

With an epic experience of about 16 years on the pharmaceutical sector, our trustworthy partner has established a successful career. After a successful start on both elementary school in Jordan and high school in Qatar, he started taking German language courses at the Benedict School in Cologne from 1989 to 1991, and then he began his medicine courses in the preparatory college of the Free State of Bavaria, Munich from 1991 to 1993. After that, he studied pharmacy at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich and at the Ruprecht Karl University Heidelberg from 1993 to 1999.

Furthermore, he began his professional training as Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant at the natural science technical center in Landau for 3 years which opened the doors for his flourishing professional experiences starting from 2002 until now, which proves that our collaborator is highly qualified expert, firstly he was a self-employer in Heidelberg and responsible for Arab patient care and counseling, secondly he worked in Burg pharmacy in Gustavsburg and he was in charge of cytostatics production , marketing and sales, cytostatics are pharmaceutical products for cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer drugs. Thirdly, he dedicated 3 years in Training as Psychotherapeutic assistant in Frankfurt, then another 3 years of Pharmacy in the Rheingalerie in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine where he was responsible for OTC advice and Pharmaceutical sales and marketing.

Moreover, in 2015, 2016 he operated in AbbVie GmbH and Co.KG in Ludwigshafen which is a research-based biopharmaceutical company, in which he was a laboratory expert in R&D and he was in charge of analytical methods, Nano formulation, extrusion and HCV. From January 2018 until April 2018 He has been a remarkable member at the SRH Clinic in Heidelberg where he was in charge of both the central and easy pharmacy of Bensheim and his tasks were; AM- commissioning, customer advice and sales. Finally, Mr. Al subah is currently operating in AM manufacturing & consulting within Galenic Lab in the big pharmacy of Bichsel in Interlaken, Switzerland.

During his career, our collaborator has gained multiple professional competences and qualifications including; analytical methods and skills, Sound AM (amplitude modulation)   knowledge, efficient marketing and sales abilities, GMP-compliant drug manufacturing, Customer & Physician Counseling, preparation of Cytostatics and instrument-based analytics.

Mr. Al Subah has also many notable voluntary experiences and humanitarian missions such as Volunteering at Caritas, Caring for Syrian cancer patients, supporting children in Ludwigshafen along with aiding and caring for Syrian refugees in the Asylum Home in Mannheim.

What makes us different?

Reservation, medical advisory services and assistance

We organize appointments for you, give telephone support and find what you consider to be the best specialists who ensure the most efficient treatment for you, in other words we swiss medical concierge help match its clients with the needed specialists.

Our services can extend to transporting you from wherever you want to any place you want, arranging accommodation and even theatre and cinema tickets for those who wish to enjoy a relaxing holiday in our best hotels while you get the treatment you need in there in order to reduce the stress and anxiety of any illness.

Multiple therapies within our hotels

With Swiss medical concierge you have the opportunity to enjoy your stay in our best hotels while having full access to different medical therapies, our medical concierges are specially trained to serve you and to ensure that your visit is smooth and comfy, keeping your individual needs in mind as you travel to Switzerland, with our medical concierge services you will never feel alone because you will be surrounded with a professional medical team that cares only for you and your health.

Our medical team will also treat your medical file before your arrival and our specialists will discuss your case before sale. You are our priority and we only focus on your health and well being.

best medical centers

Swiss medical concierge has established strong relationships with the best medical centers in the world that’s why we grant our clients full access to a team of physicians who have a comprehensive understanding of the patient medical situations, we also have an effective networking system ready to put at your disposal our contacts among the best clinics and hospitals in the region and abroad.