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Multiple therapies
Our hotels

With strong partnerships with the best hotels in the region and the most experienced and
qualified therapists and doctors as well as multiple medical centers tailored to your needs and
requirements and equipped with many technologies and healthcare facilities. These services
are adapted to everyone who wants to enjoy his holidays in Switzerland while getting the
suitable medical treatment.
We have prepared several health services for you first class hotels in the region; our
professional medical team will study and process your medical files before your arrival. You
simply contact us and we will discuss all your needs, whether you need to receive therapies
within a certain hotel or you need us to match you with the suitable doctor or medical center,
in this case we will discuss everything and provide you with the necessary advice and
Thanks to our large networks and the strong partnerships we can grant you the access to
medical and spa treatments with hot mineral waters, thermal baths, massages, etc. In addition
to numerous wellness centers, which have swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzi, fitness rooms
along with many other health facilities so that you can forget the stress of any illness, get an
effective treatment for your health while you enjoy an opulent stay in one of the greatest
hotels in Switzerland.
We have experienced specialists in the fields of orthopedics, chiropractic, paraplegia,
radiology, spinal cord injury, musculoskeletal; anesthesiology, surgery, Rheumatology, organ
treatment, etc. and they are very committed to provide you with the necessary healthcare in a
friendly atmosphere. Contact us now and enjoy multiple custom medical services.
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