Luxury chalets Switzerland

Switzerland is known for many aspects, mainly its majestic mountains and marvelous landscapes, many people who come to visit it on their holidays opt for its luxurious chalets as a preferred accommodation, as they are located in the most attractive places in the region; near the glacier, the mountains and the magnificent resorts. Whether to contemplate the pastures or to enjoy the winter, the Swiss chalets, with their amazing wooden architecture are part of the Swiss heritage, many people choose them because they want to embark on an unforgettable adventure with their families or friends. Here is a list, for those who want to rent an opulent chalet during their stay in Switzerland.
Chesa Lumpaz, in the center of St.Moritz, this luxury lodge is near the ski slants, restaurants and clubs and it is also not far from Samedan airport. It is made up from 5 floors, connected by stairs and an elevator. It has 4 large bedrooms, each with private bathroom and many other amenities. This chalet has also a first class welling center with many facilities. It is a 5 star chalet that has incredible views over the magnificent sceneries and the mountains.
Tivoli Lodge chalet, situated in Davos, an extraordinary accommodation, it is very spacious, with stunning views over the Davos valley and it includes many high quality facilities such as a welling center, Jacuzzi, a pool with wonderful water jets. This deluxe chalet is really worth trying and suitable for families, friends and for the guests of the famous World Economic forum meeting.
Iva chalet, located in Verbier, near the spectacular alpine mountains, this world class chalet has an amazing interior design with a fireplace, a horn chandelier and very spacious rooms, it is also near the ski fields the fascinating landscapes of the region. It is equipped with all the necessary equipments and facilities.
Gemini chalet, situated in Zermatt, an outstanding residence, within the splendid mountains, made from wood and stone, a mountainous design suitable for relaxation on a sunny hillside and it is very capacious. It offers awe-inspiring views over the village and the surrounding sceneries and also the ski areas. This luxury chalet is near the city center and it has tunnels and elevators dug in the mountains. With its excellent room services and the multiple high quality amenities, this accommodation is one of a kind.
There are many lavish chalets in Switzerland, for those who dream of being alone in the face of nature in order to relax in peace and luxury. In order to enjoy this experience, contact Swiss Concierge Services, our reputable company will ensure your comfortable transportation to these chalets and we also carry out the reservation for you whenever you need to rent an accommodation for your stay in Switzerland.

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