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High-quality vehicles rental

You want to go on a trip or a journey; you have either personal or professional appointment or you have a business meeting and all you need is a prestigious vehicle! Swiss Concierge Service Company has got a large catalogue of different kind of high-end vehicles adjusted for you and made-to-measure according to your requirements.

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Swiss Soncierge Service Company offers a large selection of cars and limos at your service, these high-end cars are fully equipped with the latest technologies, secure and enhanced with a great performance to guarantee the best experience for our customers, you can take a look at our latest models of cars in our fleet.

For those who would like to take a short or long trip somewhere else, then we also offer private jets, yachts, boats and helicopters rental which can take you anywhere in the world at your request with incredible prices. All you have to do is give us a call and we will discuss all your needs and desires.

Along with the high-end transportation means, Swiss Concierge Service Company will provide you with enough skilled drivers and pilots to take you wherever you want, ensuring your safety, comfort and satisfaction. We will make sure to meet all your requirements.