Helicopter rental in Switzerland

There is no traffic jam in the sky, that’s what people who want to save time or enjoy a wonderful journey to Switzerland, should consider before renting a vehicle for business or for leisure and entertainment. Helicopters are recommended for quick trips to more distant destinations. The helicopter is very useful for places that are not easy to reach and it is also convenient for those who want to enjoy a panoramic bird’s eye view of the region, imagine you are flying next to the Alps or think about how stylish and elegant you would be when you go to an event in a first class chopper, you will certainly amaze all the participants.

You have business meetings in another city and you want to reach your destination on time and in style, you want to visit a wonderful island or a marvelous mountain using a top notch helicopter, Swiss Concierge Services has exactly what you are looking for and it’s up to you to choose, everything we have is tailored to meet your needs and desires.

Our company offers a wide range of luxury helicopters along with experienced and highly qualified pilots to ensure a comfortable, fast and safe air transport. So, when you are in Switzerland and you would like to discover the whole country with its huge mountains and wonderful landscapes or you have an important business meeting or a big event like the World Economic Forum in Davos and you want to reach your destination without delay just contact us and rent a first class helicopter to facilitate your trip.

With Swiss Concierge Services, your dreams are about to become reality, with us you can fly high, our special services are customized to your needs and adapted to your budget and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, rest assured that you will enjoy the best helicopter rental experience ever.


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