Davos World Economic Forum hotel

Davos, Switzerland has been the host for the World Economic Forum since 1971, many attendees come each year to the big event, heads of states, businessmen, economists, politicians and journalists for the purpose to improve the world and suggest solutions for all the problems of humanity. This year, 2018, the Number of people in the WEF was about 3000 participants, next year it may be more. The event lasts for 4 days from 23 to 26 January; everyone needs a suitable accommodation to spend his stay without stress and exhaustion.

Swiss Concierge Services always perceives and studies the needs and requirements of people and provide assistance in any event small or big like the WEF, we are ready to help you in booking the perfect accommodation during the annual meeting. You can contact us anytime, our customer service team is ready around the clock to answer all your questions, provide with necessary information about any hotel in Davos and also carry out your reservation procedure promptly.

These are few of the best hotels that many guests approve of their luxurious services during the WEF; the intercontinental, Seehof and Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere, they all have in common the great location, first class and high quality services, they are near the congress center where the annual meeting takes place, also near the airport and the city center, they have multiple luxurious facilities such as spa, lounge, wellness centers and premium services.

As a great company that cares about the satisfaction of its clients, we recommend you to begin your reservation now, because the places are limited and many people will come to assist in the WEF, just contact us, choose your suitable hotel and we will make sure that you enjoy the perfect accommodation and an unforgettable experience.

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