Davos meeting 2019

The big annual event of the summit that takes place in Davos, Switzerland, will be held again in January 2019 involving a huge number of people that has reached about 3000 participants this year; from world leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities, journalists and so on. As every year this event main topic is globalization, all these people meet in the convention center in the mountain of Davos, they discuss the major issues of the world and suggest solutions to establish a better future for humanity.

The event lasts 4 days from 23 to 26 January, many changes occur in the small city of Davos; it becomes overcrowded, the weather becomes so cold, the road will be filled with snow and the traffic jam increases, which makes the transportation and the movement very difficult, finding an accommodation is also not easy, strict and effective security protocols will be implemented throughout the region. While the town becomes so busy, people will waste so much time waiting for a mean of transport and searching for a suitable accommodation. Thus an efficient organization and planning are needed and this is when our renowned company Swiss Concierge Services intervene to facilitate everything for you and to assist you during the event.

Our enterprise experts’ have managed to perceive and study these hardships, we are fully aware that you need full support, that’s why we have prepared first class services to simplify everything for you including; high quality limousine services carried out by our highly experienced chauffeurs who have excellent driving skills and will guarantee a safe and comfortable transport for you so that you will reach the congress center on time and in style, our fleet is made up from high end limousines equipped with the latest technologies. We also have strong partnerships with many luxurious hotels in the region, thus you don’t have to worry about where to spend your journey as we will gladly book the best apartment for you.

We have also prepared for you a selection of the finest restaurants and best spots in Davos and the whole Switzerland; we have professional guides who will help you discover the city in all its aspects. Our chauffeurs speak many languages, especially the English, so it is easy to communicate with them. When it comes to the annual meeting of Davos, you can consider as your committed personal assistant, your highly qualified driver and even your butler who will take care of all your needs. When you do business with us, you are certainly doing it with the best, because for us, your satisfaction and your comfort are our top priorities.

Davos meeting of 2019 is on the verge of starting, we recommend you to start your reservation from now with us, our booking team is highly determined, operates around the clock, ready to answer to all your questions, provide you with necessary information and promptly process all your requests. We are really pleased to serve you during the World Economic Forum.

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