Customized concierge services

The idea of concierge services is first created to organize people life, to offer solutions for busy people, the concierge does the tasks that people can’t manage accomplish without assistance, time is so precious and it is up to the concierge to save it. You realize that a concierge service is effective when it is not only covers all the levels of human life, but also when it is adapted to all the needs and requirements of the clients. Swiss Concierge Services has these standards because it offers to its customers multiple tailor made services that are related to all the aspects of life.

Whether in the personal or professional life, Swiss concierge Services is always ready to provide you with top notch services that facilitate everything for you, we are fully aware that people are generally busy and that they have other important tasks at hand that’s why we take care of the details for you, whether you are need of luxurious transportation from or to the airport or from city to city, baggage handling, first class hotel and restaurant reservations, event tickets, perfect limousine service, guided tours and bespoke travel itineraries, exceptional chauffeur services, world class vehicle rental, efficient security services and premium medical services. As you can see our high quality services cover every level of your life and they are all custom-made by our experts to respond to your needs and to exceed your expectations.

Our great team consists of experts, professional chauffeurs, experienced guides, trained security agents and a very determined customer service crew, we all cooperate together to provide you with special concierge services adjusted to your needs and desires. We operate throughout Switzerland, we are a reputable company that endeavors to make you happy and satisfied, we offer you lifestyles and solutions and we are always honored to serve you.

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