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We strongly believe that the client’s satisfaction begins with an excellent customer service. Our experienced drivers listen to you attentively, take your advice into account and try to anticipate what you expect from them. They provide services that you have not even thought of asking for. When you complain, they do not perceive it negatively; they listen, understand and react calmly.

They speak multiple languages including the English, communicate very well, dress professionally and they have excellent attention to detail and can see things from your point of view. They always open the doors for you and help you get out of the limousine and show hospitality by handling your baggage.

Our friendly chauffeurs offer you the required privacy and they show you courtesy by being always attentive to your needs. What our exceptional drivers provide to our customers within the limousine is another level of luxury services.

Our highly committed driver will act as your customer service agent, he will provide you with the necessary information whenever you ask, if you need instructions and hints about the best hotels, restaurants and lounges in the region, he will offer you exactly what you want.

The drivers of Swiss Concierge Services are not only specialists in driving, but also possess manners and share an ethical system together with excellent customer service qualifications.

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