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With the best
Medical centers

Swiss Concierge Services has established strong relationships with the best medical centers in
Switzerland, this way we can guarantee that we provide our clients with the best healthcare
services. Whether you are travelling for business or entertainment and you need medical
treatments during your visit, contact us, our crew will discuss your requirements and then we
will send you to the perfect doctor or medical center.
Swiss Concierge Services will carry out the reservation for you upon your request, we even
welcome you at the airport, handle your baggage and transport you to your desired medical
center, you just have to contact us beforehand, tell us what you need exactly, send us your
medical files and we will treat them before your arrival, making sure to choose the best
medical center for you.
Avoid wasting your time, the stress and fatigue of searching for your suitable medical center,
trust Swiss Concierge Services with this task, with our credible medical service we can set an
appointment for you with the perfect medical facility in Switzerland. When you send us your
medical files, be certain that all your data are in safe hands.
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