Best hotel in Davos, Switzerland

The small mountainous town of Davos, Switzerland, has never failed to attract a large number of visitors each year, either because of its tourist attractions or for being the host of the World economic forum which takes place every year in January, many economic and political elites, heads of states, celebrities come to the event to discuss and recommend solutions in terms of globalization to establish a better future for humanity.

Imagine the large number of people that come each year to Davos, they will need suitable accommodation; fortunately there are many luxurious hotels in the region and the best ones according to guests are; Steigenberger Grandhotel Belvedere, it is the best hotel in Davos many celebrities approve its premium services and facilities, the intercontinental a great accommodation with a suitable location, Hilton Garden Inn Davos, it has nice views and excellent packages, Arabella Hotel Waldhuus Swiss Quality, it offers top notch services to its guests these are the four best hotels in the region and there are many other convenient choices.

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