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Baggage Handling

Do not let your baggage become a serious problem and a constraint for your luxury trip. Transporting your suitcases alone from your home to the terminal or from the airport to your desired destination can be very tiring and stressful. Let us help you start your journey without stress and hassle, allow us to manage the little details while you enjoy your trip, our specialists will handle your bags safely and transport it to any destination you want.

Contact us before your arrival to the airport or provide us with your address and our specialists will intervene shortly to handle or your baggage and transport it smoothly wherever and whenever you want. We have been able to plan a time when sending your items in advance become the standard of luggage transportation. So you don’t have to worry about your suitcases, relax and focus on your trip and on your other main tasks.

You might be concerned about what will happen to your baggage and also about the process of baggage handling, well, these are the benefits of our service; the fastest and easiest delivery of your luggage, the transportation of your items from door-to-door, airport to airport and to your destination, we also guarantee the operation is done smoothly, safely and without delay, no more weight restrictions, our staff is ready to carry any amount of luggage you want without any problem and finally your suitcases will be waiting for you with your name on it, in our secure storage room until your arrival.

Enjoy your trip with Swiss Concierge Services, because we are going to relieve you from the stress of taking your baggage with you.

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