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Apartment Accommodation


You are visiting Switzerland for a short entertainment stay, a fun holiday to enjoy the touristic sites of the region; to indulge in the incredible monuments and marvelous landscapes with your family, you are planning for an extended stay for resettlement purposes or even for medical treatment, regardless of your own reason, whether you are looking for a comfortable vacation rental, temporary accommodation or anything in between and whatever the season is; summer or winter, Swiss Concierge Services has the perfect selection of luxury apartments in the best hotels in the region.

We offer you a large selection of opulent and capacious apartments located in first class hotels near the city center or not far from the magnificent landscapes and the spectacular alpine mountains and you are free to choose what suits you the best, shopping areas are also within a short walking distance.

We help you book sumptuous apartments which are perfect for both business and leisure stays. Enjoy the extra space and convenience of the suites that feature fully equipped kitchens with built-in appliances, open living areas with comfortable lounge areas for relaxing and a dining room for family meals as well as an excellent room service. Some apartments have a private balcony. You can enjoy the incredible view of the area and its beautiful architecture from your window.

Our team has great knowledge about many deluxe hotels and apartments; we are always available to answer and process all your requests and of course find you the perfect accommodation in Switzerland. So whenever you need an apartment for your stay in Switzerland, Contact Swiss Concierge Services and we will provide you the necessary information about the location, the price and the features of each lodgment, we even carry out the reservation for you promptly and even though many hotels could be crowded, be sure that we can save you a place.

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